Interior Projects

UCI Health – Men’s Health Clinic and Sleep Center
2328 Starpoint Surgery Center
California Foot & Ankle Institute

Project: UCI Health
Men’s Health Clinic and Sleep Center
Newport Heights, CA
Architect: LPA
Scope: 15,714 sf

Project: 2328 Starpoint Surgery Center
Newport Heights, CA
Architect: Medical Space Planners & Interior Designers
Scope: 7,917 sf

Project: California Foot & Ankle Institute
Newport Heights, CA
Architect: Medical Space Planners & Interior Designers
Scope: 3,435 sf

Smith and Severson Builders was called upon to build out three new clinical spaces inside the newly constructed Newport Heights Medical Campus, the core and shell of which was built by Millie and Severson. In an accelerated 12-week construction schedule, the new Men’s Health Clinic and Sleep Center was completed with beautiful and bright finishes and features. The second space was for the first-generation Starpoint Surgery Center that included an associated backup generator installation. As construction proceeded, it became clear that there was insufficient duct space for the needs of the surgery center. SSB provided design-assist for a new duct shaft design. Finally, Smith and Severson Builders worked in an informal design-build role to build out an 11-room foot and ankle clinic.

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