On Saturday, May 12, the North Torrance High School ACE Team presented their design project at the ACE Year End event. Mentors Scott Hayes (Millie and Severson), Alex Alvarez (Rockefeller Kempel Architects), Ethan Coverstone (Rockefeller Kempel Architects), Mike Duby (John Labib & Associates), and Jen Roth (Andy Alexander & Associates) worked with students from NTHS throughout the school year to develop a project intended to improve the NTHS campus. The students decided to add a new pool facility to the campus including a competition swimming pool, diving pool, locker rooms, concession areas, as well as enough seating for the entire student body (in a dome of course). Additionally, five NTHS students were awarded college scholarships in recognition of the work that they have done with ACE. We wish them well on their journey and hope to see them in the work force soon.