Millie and Severson was excited to have a booth at the LBUSD’s Middle School Future Fair this year where thousands of 7th graders attended a college and career fair over three days at the Cal State Long Beach Student Union. Rebecca Ramsdale, Project Engineer, and Brian Cook, Project Engineer Intern, greeted students with fun activities and construction exercises meant to give them a glimpse into the career options available in the construction industry. Students were able to build a bridge out of construction paper, construct a high rise using popsicle sticks, balloons, rubber bands, pipe cleaners, straws, cups & miscellaneous office supplies, and learn a little about structural engineering using a Jenga™ game. They also viewed time-lapse videos of some of our large tilt-up projects and were encouraged to try on hard hats and safety vests. We look forward to engaging with more students at next year’s event.