A first-of-its-kind fire water storage tank was laid in place over the weekend at Good Samaritan MOB in Los Angeles. “The fire water storage tank is unique in that it’s located on the exterior of the building, rather than underground, and will act as a feeder for the main tank,” explains Project Executive Keith Pokrywa. This is the first time a tank of this size, carrying 22,000 gallons, has been used in the City of LA, and was devised to accommodate the tight site and the expanded occupancy of the building. “A lot of exciting things continue to happen every day on the project,” notes Pokrywa, with permanent power also activated this week. “Moving away from temporary to permanent power is a big milestone,” says Pokrywa. “It allows us to distribute power between the floors and start testing equipment. “  The new Ambulatory Surgery Center will start construction in April.  The ASC will boast eight operating rooms comprising nearly 28,000 sf and will accommodate more than 132 surgeries per day. The team anticipates project completion in early 2017.