What We Expect

  • being fully committed to quality outcomes
  • acting in a manner motivated by honesty and truthfulness
  • doing the right thing at all times
  • coming to the table fully prepared, and admitting when you are not
What We Reject

  • being intellectually dishonest; turning in a half-hearted effort
  • undermining or sabotaging others’ work
  • trying to sell sloppy or incomplete work; withholding vital information
  • disrespecting others by failing to prepare properly


What We Expect

  • building a quality product that is superior to the sum of our individual efforts
  • understanding that individual success cannot exist alongside team failure
  • moving forward as a team
  • being helpful and collaborative; sharing freely and forthrightly
What We Reject

  • failing to support, cooperate with, or contribute to the total team effort
  • putting personal agendas before team goals
  • resenting new ideas or directions
  • responding with, “we can’t, we don’t, we never, that’s not my job…”


What We Expect

  • seeking the whole truth at all times
  • being tenacious; digging and examining until you are satisfied
  • attacking questions with a healthy skepticism; rejecting naiveté
  • examining questions and issues in detail
What We Reject

  • accepting the easy, unproven path
  • eschewing hard work; relegating difficult tasks to others
  • failing to ask the tough questions
  • presenting superficial solutions or analyses


What We Expect

  • volunteering the whole, detailed truth
  • being forthright at all times
  • providing others with more information, not less
  • acknowledging and correcting errors promptly
What We Reject

  • making teammates beg for information
  • quibbling, dissembling, or presenting misleading information
  • hiding a lack of preparation with sketchy, imprecise data
  • denying what was said, done, or promised

Actively Sharing and Listening

What We Expect

  • being an active, willing participant; reaching out with an open mind
  • engaging in concise, precise, respectful speech
  • listening honestly; seeking understanding without prejudice
  • seeking, engaging, questioning, and offering ideas — always without fear
What We Reject

  • sitting back silently while teammates “fall off the cliff”
  • using rambling or disrespectful speech
  • failing to honor the speech or thoughts of your associates
  • refusing responsibility for your share of the project’s outcome

Exceeding Expectations

What We Expect

  • being personally committed to exceeding expectations
  • learning by doing; giving things a try
  • assuming responsibility for self-improvement
  • assuring quality through small-scale testing and planning
What We Reject

  • being lazy, cozy, or happy with the status quo
  • accepting “decision by indecision”
  • blaming others for the state of things; leaving initiative to others
  • substituting a “punch list” for a rigorous quality assurance program

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